UCHIWA -Handy Fan-

UCHIWA, a flat rounded fan, is a small accessory made from bamboo framework and paper. It is exported from China over a thousand years ago and used to keep yourself cool or to kindle a fire.


The framework consists of 20-30 straight and round shaped bamboo ribs and is covered with Japanese traditional paper called WASHI (Wa=Japanese, Shi=paper). The drawings on the paper are mainly something related to the cooler and refreshing images in summer such as seasonal flowers, animals, bugs and nature. 


It has been a traditionally popular article in the hot and humid summer in Japan for a long time. There is a similar accessory called SENSU, a holding fan. It is also called a Japanese fan as it is originated in Japan. 

Japantotheworld.com produces OEM Uchiwa as per your requested motif. If you are interested in Japanese Uchiwa, please contact us, info@japantotheworld.com.