CHICHINOHI - Father's Day -

CHICHI means a father in Japanese. The 3rd Sunday of June is called CHICHI NO HI, Father’s Day, in Japan.

CHICHI means a father in Japanese.

People celebrate the day to send a thank-you-message, a gift, and sometimes yellow flowers to their father to show appreciation. It is also a day to reunite the family, especially with the father by spending time together.

This Father’s Day was brought from the United States, started to be recognized around 1950 in Japan and it needs some time to become an annual event till 1980. As is often the case in the world, it is said that this tradition has expanded as one of the marketing tools for department stores to increase sales.

Typical gifts on Father’s Day in Japan are alcohol, high-class food, something to wear like glasses, ties, belts, clothes, bags, grooming sets, and technical gaskets also popular nowadays.

However, a recent statistic shows Father’s Day is less popular than Mother’s Day and people spend less on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day in Japan as well as in the world. Hope it does not mean mothers are more important than fathers, but fathers might be thought that they are less contribute to the home life under the modern society, which the value of Japan's traditional patriarchy has been almost fading away. 

Both Mother’s and Father’s Days are to show how much you care, appreciate and love not only your mother and father but also all mothers and fathers in the world. Such evens surely give us a nice excuse to get family together and realize again how important to thank your parents and someone you love.

The lock-down has been finally lifted, so it might be a good chance to visit your father and say “thank you” on the coming 3rd Sunday of June this year. is ready to introduce more Japan-oriented stories, please inform us if you have any specific themes you would like to know.