Japanese TOWEL

Apart from traditional Japanese TENUGUI, how many people know that Japan can also produce one of the best quality of towels in the world?

What we want in towels might be something like;

* Fluffy 

* Good absorbent

* Easy handling / Easy to wash

* Quick drying 

* Durable and long lasting

* Cleanliness / Antibacterial

* Appropriate pricing

It is not difficult to find the towels with those requests. Most of the towels you can find at stores in Japan have such advantage.

In Japan, there are some famous areas producing towels and three best-known are;

* IMABARI towel : IMABARI in EHIME prefecture

* SENSHU towel : SENSHU in OSAKA prefecture

* OBORO towel : OBORO in MIE prefecture

These towels are made with excellent craftsmanship under uncompromising quality control. Each has its own distinct characteristic.


It is the best known authentic Japanese towel made at IMABARI area of the largest towel origin EHIME prefecture. IMABARI towel is bleached before weaving. They bleach and dye thread first, so they can produce jacquard wavering towel as well as plain colored towel. This prebleaching process is called MAEZARASHI in Japanese.

All towels they produce need to pass twelve tests and you would be especially impressed by their unique Five-Second Rule, placing a towel in water and the towel sunk within five seconds can only pass to get a title of IMABARI brand name officially provided by the Shikoku Towel Association. IMABARI has managed to build their strong brand image to the public as trusted high-quality towel for years. Their registered IMABARI trademark created by one of the famous designers in Japan and their marketing strategy always meets the latest market trends.

SENSHU towel

SENSHU towel has a longer history than IMABARI. The towel is manufactured by another traditional method called the post bleaching process ATOZARASHI. They bleach towels and clean impurity of cotton such as the fat, glue, and lint after weaving. Therefore, the towel is hygienic and has excellent absorbent from day 1. It also features shrink resistance after washing. Less well-known comparing to IMABARI but the quality is almost same with excellent cost performance. You might meet SENSHU towel at hotels and other facilities in Japan.

OBORO towel

Extremely light touch as it is made of thin strings, but strong enough to wash many times in your daily life. Less popular than other two towels but still good quality and easy to use. offers those fine towels at reasonable prices. Please contact us if you are interested in our fantastic towels. We will show you more details.

Now, hereunder, would like to introduce a very fascinating literally high-quality towel for those concerning the current hygiene situation triggered by the coronavirus.

Antibacterial towel

Under this new-lifestyle brought by the coronavirus, people are gaining a better understanding how to avoid virus and maintain the cleanness state. Antimicrobial material is the latest trends of towel industry, too. Some companies have already succeeded to provide antibacterial towel and so as 

We offer scientifically proven anti-bacteria growing towels at a reasonable price. It goes through a special process to suppress increases in gems. Therefore, bacteria do not easily grow even after you use it. The special towel finished by IBX keeps clean and less smell after used, comparing to another normal towel. In addition, it is officially proved that the effectiveness lasts after 100 time washing and the tests required have been verified with higher score of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards, a most reliable standard in Japan). 

This special towel has been developed this year in 2020 so it is completely brand-new in the market. 

Anyone who is interesting in this fine product, please contact us directly, 

You need towels for 24 hours 365 days in your life. When you wash your face or hands, you wipe them with a towel. You wipe a table with a towel before you eat lunch. You wash your body with a towel in the bathroom and wipe your body with a towel after showering. You even use a towel blanket when you sleep. Find good towels and it makes you happier and your life even perfect.