Some people might think that Japan does not have a long holiday and Japanese always work longer. It gives us a kind of impression people in Japan just work all the time without taking any holidays, but that might be wrong. Apart from annual leave, Japan has relatively many national holidays in a year. 


“Golden Week Holiday” is the busiest season, starting from 29 April and ending on 5 May. If you take a day off on 2 May and 6 May, you will have ten days off, a long holiday this year.


Holidays in Golden Week in 2022
29 April - Showa Day, the birthday of former Emperor Showa
3 May - Constitution Memorial Day / KENPO KINENBI
4 May - Greenery Day / MIDORINOHI
5 May - Children’s Day / KODOMONOHI, A day to celebrate children’s happiness and wish their healthy growth. 

It was common for people to take some straight days off by using their paid day-off and companies with the good work-life balance are likely to be closed for the entire holiday period.


Usually, sightseeing spots get very crowded and all transport and accommodation in tourist area are fully booked months in advance. Of course, the price goes up over the period. It accounts for most of the annual sales for some companies in the travel and tourism industry.


There are four major holiday seasons in Japan, Golden Week Holiday in April and May, OBON Holiday in August, Silver Week Holiday in September, and Year-End & New Year Holiday in December and January. They are not a long vacation like Europe but it shows Japanese are not working all day long without holidays.


If you would like to take your time visiting one place, you better avoid Japan during these long holidays. can suggest fantastic ideas of your Japan travel. Please contact us if you have any questions and requests.